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The taste of “SUSHI” depends on “SHARI”(sushi rice),
while “SHARI” depends on the quality of “SUSHI-ZU”.

“YOHEI’s SUSHIZU” is an exceptional masterpiece that SUSHI master Yohei TSUJI has succeeded to develop his ultimate recipe for about 50 years long in Kyoto, well known city as a traditional food and culture, and was made into a product by his daughter who inherited it. No other product but this rich aroma and mellow taste unique to this “Yohei’s SUSHIZU”, which was born in Kyoto, further brings out the deliciousness of SHARI.

“Yohei’s SUSHIZU” is rich in essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium chloride (about 10 times calcium and magnesium and 2 times potassium compared to other general vinegar). Therefore, it can be used for a wide range of applications as a versatile seasoning such as flavoring or hidden taste of various dishes, as well as making hand-rolled sushi and Chirashi Zushi at home.



“Yohei’s SUSHIZU” is a special sushi vinegar created by her daughter, who inherited the technique of her father who is a sushi chef. Check out this video first.


“Yohei's SUSHIZU“ will not compromise when it comes to its quality“Yohei's SUSHIZU“ will not compromise when it comes to its quality

  • Raw material

    The elegant sweetness is from "Wasanbon Sugar from Kagawa Prefecture" and the elegant and moderate amount of salt were realized for the first time by using "Izu Oshima Kuroshio Traditional Salt". In addition, by adding the finest quality Mirin, we succeeded in create a mellow taste.

    • Rice vinegar
    • Salt
    • Wasanbon Sugar
    • Mirin
  • Production

    In order to strictly protect the precious recipes that Yohei Tsuji has reached after long time development, we control rich aroma and mellow taste, which other SUSHIZU does not have, by producing small amounts only without mass production.


Therefore, this is why you can make SHARI which can maintain its delicious taste even until the following day" that can never be realized with other general sushi vinegar.


How to purchase

You can purchase Yohei’s Sushizu at the following site. There, you can find items for various purposes, such as eating at home or gifts to your friends and so on. Please try them by all means,